There are, to our knowledge, two legendary origins for Axemoor. The first one tells of a brave band of warriors led by the fearless Anglo-Saxon warrior named Beorn, later to be the founding Baron of Axemoor. The other relates a strangely different origin. It tells of a mystic named Bogdacious, later to be known as the saint of low, damp and boggy places. He wandered far and wide and, at his death, his chief acolyte, guided supposedly by an act of divine will, founded the earliest settlement with the Mystic's own early followers as the first Axemoorians. Many years later, St. Bogdacious, known as St. Bogdacious the Anarchite, was proclaimed Axemoor's patron saint at Christmas Revel on December 13th, AS XXI by Their Excellencies, Master Gordon Blackwolf and Mistress Antonia Martin de Castilla. Furthermore, they proclaimed at that time that Christmas Revel would henceforth also be known as the Feast of St. Bogdacious. Later our patron saint's celebratory fast would be moved to another time and season. It is now in the Spring that we gather to enjoy annually his feast as a separate event.







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