Baronet of Axemoor

Baroness of Axemoor

Her Excellency Baroness Tegan verch Dwgan

Elaine Dunagan

Her Excellency is interested in weaving, herbals, and needle arts. She likes sweet wines and light bourbons. She is allergic to patchouli and sandalwood.

Her Excellency's Awards

Award NameAward Date
Award of Arms2001-11-30
Order of the Axe - Axemoor2002-12-06
Sovereign's Letter of Endorsement2003-09-09
Order of the Ram's Heart2004-05-14
Grant of Arms2005-02-25
Order of the Shepherds2005-08-12
Order of the Diamond Chalice2006-09-15
Order of Golden Sea Lion - Seleone2007-02-09
Court Barony2007-08-14
Jeweled Ring2009-10-02
Order of the Onyx Chalice2010-12-06
Sovereigns Pleasure of Meridies2013-03-15
Patent of Arms2015-07-11
Order of the Silver Ram2017-12-03
Pillar of the Ram2018-10-06
Photo of TE Dafydd and Tegan. Photo by Duchess Danielle de la Roche.
Photo courtesy of Duchess Danielle de la Roche

Baron of Axemoor

His Excellency Baron Dafydd ap y Kynith

Richard Dunagan

His Excellency is interested in fighting, archery, and live weapons. He enjoys scotch, ales, and some meads. He has no known allergies.

His Excellency's Awards

Award NameAward Date
Award of Arms2000-10-10
Order of the Queens's Yeoman of Meridies2000-10-10
Gleann Abhann Yeoman2001-06-08
Order of the Axe - Axemoor2001-11-30
Order of the Meridian Broken Bow2001-11-30
Sovereigns Pleasure of Meridies2002-03-14
Order of the Split Arrow2002-03-15
Combattant Ram2002-12-06
Order of the Ram's Heart2004-05-14
Gleann Abhann Marble Chalice(P)2004-10-03
Grant of Arms2005-02-25
Eye of the Ram2005-08-12
Arrow and Bolt2006-07-15
Court Barony2007-09-14
Order of the Diamond Chalice2008-10-04
Gleann Abhann Yeoman2009-10-03
Order of the Sable Banner2009-11-20
Gleann Abhann Yeoman2011-09-30
Order of the Silver Ram2012-12-08
Order of the Ram's Heart2015-05-15
Order of the Sable Huntsman2016-03-17
Patent of Arms2018-11-10
Gleann Abhann Yeoman2019-01-12