No feast hall would feel truly right without strains of ancient music floating through the air, or the strong voice of a storyteller as he tells sagas of old. How could the villagers dance if they didn’t have musicians to play a lively tune? Music and performance were integral parts of medieval culture and the SCA is a great place to explore creating and listening to music, stories, poems, plays, and other types of performances.

Locally, there are many opportunities to participate in the performing arts. Skyn, Wynd, and Wyre is a vocal-instrumental group that is open to musicians of all types and levels, meeting on certain Wednesdays or weekends to make music together. Contact Linette for details on our next practice. If you’re new to the idea of making music, and are interested in learning an instrument, there are people who can help you start down that road.

If you’re more interested in solo performance, bardic circles are a great time to try your voice at song or story. Keep an eye out on the shire Facebook list for announcements of our next Bardic Circle, and look at event announcements for circles planned at events. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire with the dark night all around, hearing an ancient tale once told a thousand years ago.

In addition to music from medieval times, the SCA has spawned its own music, which may not be truly historic but which helps bond us together in our ideals. Marching onto the battlefield singing a song together as the drums pound and the banners fly is a spectacle not to be missed.

Performance in the SCA is not limited to song or story, but includes juggling, plays and improvised sketches, poetry, and more! If you are interested in an aspect of the performing arts, and don’t know where to go, simply ask. The East Kingdom College of Performers (website forthcoming) will be able to help you find opportunities and information for your interests.