Youth combat is the youth version of adult armored combat for children age 6 – 17. The foundational concepts remain honor, chivalrous behavior and teamwork. There is less emphasis on period equipment. We do more fun and silly things than the adults.

Armor and the force of blows is appropriate to the division of participation. Weapons are padded. Safety is a concern. Pennsylvania resident adults who run practices are background checked both by the SCA and in the same manner as coaches and educators by the state and FBI.

Practices are usually the second Tuesday of the month, from 18:30 to 20:00. During our monthly practices we will emphasize fun, fair play athletic competition. We will teach youth appropriate technics with the various weapons types, with approaches borrowed from both armored combat and fencing. Adults can receive instruction on equipment manufacture as well as access to the materials needed.

We have loaner gear available for most sizes. It takes about 20 minutes to select loaner gear with the parents help. The child is usually ready to try combat 10 minutes later. Parents are required to be at some functions, especially the first practice, and may be required to be at hand for all functions until the child is old enough.

Rules and guides are available at:
The rules at the above site are for our Kingdom. Those rules supersede those found at the SCA site, though it has additional documentation which is helpful: