ASA&S 2023 runs from June 1st through june 4th with two full days of classes, workshops and demos on Friday and Saturday. Our staff is hard at work to bring you the absolute best immersive learning experience possible.

Event Information

ASA&S 2023 will have dozens of classes, workshops, lectures and demos to choose from. To assist in the organization of such a large schedule we have chosen to format these classes into the nine tracks you see below. 

Administrative Arts:
SCA- History of the SCA, procedures, culture, officer information, and day to day running of activities/ events.
Applied A&S: Experimental Archeology:
Applied technological arts such as amber/bone/horn, ceramics and pottery, glass work, leather work, metalwork and woodwork.
The Art of War:
Martial Arts. Armored combat, fencing, archery, and equestrian arts. Includes hands-on training as well as classes on techniques, strategy, armoring, kit, and anything having to do with SCA martial arts for adults.
Domestic Sciences:
Animal sciences and horticulture, brewing, vintning, non medicinal cordials, cooking, apothecary, and still room arts.
Fine and Graphic Art:
Painting, sculpture, calligraphy, illumination, printing sciences such as woodcut or intaglio, book arts of binding and paper making, tools/ colorants: dyes, inks, pigments, pens, brushes.
Heraldic Arts:
Historical and SCA use of heraldry.
Performance Arts:
Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Bardic, Literary, Stage
Textile and Needle Art:
Applied Beadwork, Clothing/ Fashion, Accessories, Dyeing, Knitting/Nålbinding, Knotted Work, Lacemaking, Needlework, Spinning, and Weaving.
Youth Education:
Any classes for youth 5-12 to take part in or about youth in the SCA.


Teacher Bio and Class submission
Student Class Enrollment– enrollment form will be posted once class submissions are stopped. you are currently able to view our teacher roster from this page and what classes they are signed on for.
Medieval Iron Chef Information
Event Schedule- coming soon

Masterclass & Social Activities

There are tons of evening and other social activities as well. Please make sure to look for the finalized schedule coming soon!

  • Medieval Iron Chef ( will have a separate registration and fee for this Activity)
  • Grecian Bath Pool Party 
  • Multiple A&S Challenges, including a Runway Fashion Show
  • Muses Bardic Competition
  • Pub Games Night
  • Hafla- Drum Night
  • Photo Booth

Site and Registration Information

Site Opens on Thursday evening, June 1st at 5pm and closes on Sunday, June 4th at 10am.
Site Location:
Bayou Segnette State Park
7777 Westbank Expressway
Westwego, LA 70094

Registration Fee Schedule

Member FeeNon-Member Fee
Adults Event Registration$20.00$25.00
Child Registration (kids under 17 free)$0.00$0.00
Dorm Bunk Registration (please specify top or bottom)$10.00$10.00
Friday Night Dinner$10.00$10.00

NOTE: “No family shall pay a Site Registration higher than three (3) adult member registrations for admission to an event as long as they all have proof of membership. This does NOT include feast / bed spaces for more than those covered by the three (3) paid adult member registrations at the hosting Group’s discretion. Family is defined as One (1) or Two (2) custodial adults, plus legal dependents age 17 or under. Proof of immediate family relations and age may be required.”

There are additional options for cabins, tenting, and RV’s in the info below, but there is no open tenting at this event without site reservations done through the state park. 
Cutoff for all Paypal Pre-registrations is May 17th, 2023

Please visit the Gleann Abhann Kingdom Page for event registration HERE

Cabin and Camping Options

We have 80 bunks available for registration through our event but Bayou Segnette also has several options available for rental through the park. You MUST reserve these options through the Bayou Segnette Site, or by calling them.

1. Waterfront Cabins: There are 16 of these available. Each with a screened porch, living room, kitchen, 2 bunk beds, a queen bed, pull-out couch and a bathroom/ shower. All units are air conditioned and sleep eight. $150 per night

2. RV/ Primitive Camping slots- these are paved, and have water, sewerage hookups, and electricity as well as a grill and picnic table at each site. There are 115 slots. $30 per night

Both options available through: the Online Reservation site for Bayou Segnette
Or visit the Bayou Segnette State Park site and select the “Make a Reservation” Option at the top of the screen
To make a phone reservation: 1-888-677-2296

Hotel Options

The closest Option to the park is Best Western Bayou Inn- please keep in mind if you reserve a room outside of the park you will have to pay a 3 dollar park admission to enter to the day’s activities. 
Best Wester Bayou Inn Website
9008 Westbank Expressway Westwego, Louisiana 70094
(504) 304-7980
The park is also located 15 minutes from downtown New Orleans so there are a ton of hotel or AirBnB options available to you. Please feel free to reach out to planning staff if you would like additional info or more suggestions.

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