Sable, a griffin segreant within an annulet Or.

Gordon Rede

Order of the Axe - Axemoor, 2000-10-13; Combattant Ram, 1999-12-10; Order of the Axe - Axemoor, 1996-12-06;

Gordon Rede's shields are on display at the Waldorf School of New Orleans

photgraph of Gordon Rede's kite shield
photograph of Gordon Rede's round shield

Photos courtesy of Mistress Tegan verch Dwgan

Gyronny Or and sable, a castle argent

Gradlon Friant Braz

Order of the Meridian Cross, 2002-05-03; Award of Arms, 2000-02-18; Order of the Axe - Axemoor, 1999-12-10;