Welcome To The Barony of Axemoor’s Heavy Rattan Combat Page

We are so excited to see that you are interested in joining us in one of our of Society’s most exciting activities! There is something for everyone in this sport, from single combat tournament fighting to large scale field battles. So let’s get right to it.

Below you will find a variety of information depending on whether you are a returning fighter, new to our Barony, or this is your first foray into rattan fighting. We hope this helps you on your journey and if you have any questions please contact our local knight’s marshal for information, so we can help you get the answers you need.

Weekly Fighter Practice

We hold a weekly fighter practice every Sunday at 10AM. 
Please make sure to check the Event Calendar and the Barony Facebook page to confirm there are no event conflicts, when there are we will post about an alternate Wednesday night practice in Slidell.


Shelter #1 Lakeshore Dr.
New Orleans
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If you have any questions about baronial marshal activities please email our current Knight’s Marshal

For Beginners

So what do you need to get started?

Your first piece of armor that you’ll need is a hard cup, available at almost every store that has a sports section.  This is a mandatory item and one you will need to supply yourself.

Next you will need some armor. The Barony has a selection of loaner armor for you to use at practice, if needed, for you to see if you like fighting before you invest resources and money into your own set. You will want to start working on acquiring your own armor soon though, since the loaner gear will not be fitted for you and will generally be more cumbersome to use, for that reason.

At this point, you need to make or purchase armor and weapons that will be your own and will fit you. For those who are handy with tools, there are patterns available. Helms are much harder to make, and are usually purchased from an armorer. The Barony will hold armor workshops, when needed, to assist you in making your own equipment or repairing and customizing your purchased equipment. Figure on spending a minimum of $150-200 dollars to get started in your first beginner “kit”. The goal is to work on having your armor and weapons completed by the time you authorize.

Choosing a Persona and Armor

For beginners it is recommended that you start a conversation with your Barony Knight’s Marshall ( the local head of martial activities) and other experienced Knight’s to get help in assessing what you are looking for in armor and fighting persona.  Celtic, Roman, Norman, Norse, Anglo-Saxon… These are only some of the most popular choices, and therefore the easiest accessible, but there are lots of factors in choosing your armor, like climate, budget, and what historical period interests you. There are always experienced fighters around who should be able to help answer some of your questions and give advice.

What do I need for Armor and Weapons?

To Authorize You Will Need a helm, gorget (neck protection), elbows, wrist and hands, knees, groin, sternum and kidneys. Most beginner fighters opt for heavier armor coverage and slowly remove pieces from their fighting kit as they gain some experience and confidence. You can decide to lighten up or remove armor pieces that aren’t required as you figure out what is best for your fighting style. Rattan for weapons can be purchased at many “events” from the armor merchants or from local SCA sellers.

Can I make it myself?

If you’re handy with tools you could make a large portion of your kit, yourself. Materials you can use are metal, heavy leather and plastic, thick padding or carpet. The helm would be the hardest to make, so most fighters buy one. Prices for helms range from $100 to $1000 depending on complexity and quality.  Patterns are available for a lot of the other body armor pieces, with varying range of difficulty. You can make parts and buy pieces (like elbow and knees) to incorporate. Weapons are usually made by the fighters themselves.  A lot of mundane equipment gets used, such as knee or elbow pads and hockey gloves, then covered for a more historical look. Heavy plastic drums are a source of plastic. You can also buy Krydex sheets or other heat moldable plastic. Metal can be purchased from some machine shops or scrap yards. Its best to ask your Knights Marshal before spending funds to avoid wasting money on the wrong material.

Here are some good videos for SCA fighting beginners

Where do I buy it?

While there are a lot of armorers online, but not all have the right armor required for SCA combat. Many used items can be purchased on Ebay, or various SCA specific Facebook merchant pages but check with your local Knight’s Marshal to verify that it will be safe and pass an armor inspection specific to the SCA. Your fellow fighters are also a good source of information on what armorers provide quality pieces for purchase. Keep in mind that there are often wait times for getting a new piece fabricated, make sure to check with your selected merchant about estimated ship dates for any new piece.

What are the rules?

The rules of the list contain information on what’s required for individuals to safely participate in heavy combat, the requirements for armor and weapons, and basic etiquette. Here’s some relevant links for all new and returning fighters