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Every December the barony hosts the annual Christmas Revel Celebration, featuring fighting, fencing, dancing, music, games, food, and much more. We are excited to announce that this year’s theme is

Christmas Revel 2021:
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

For those unfamiliar with the late 14th century chivalric romance from an unknown author. It is one of the most well known Arthurian stories. The manuscript survives to this day and can be viewed here at the University of Calgary.

Welcome to 2021 Christmas Revel

We will be hosting this event on December 3-5th, 2021

Daunt Tankred Bras De Fer

THL Taddea De Trieste

Kaitlyn McCloud

Event Registration

Adult Member $10
Adult Non-Member $15
Feast $10
Adult Cabin Fee $5
Kids Cabin Fee $5

Located at
MS Elks Camp
67 Lomas Rd.
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Google Map Location Link
There will be very limited tenting space for this event. Please contact our Reservationist with any requests or questions:
THL Taddea De Trieste

Paypal and Payment
PayPal Deadline 11/19/2021.
Please visit the Kingdom page HERE for the Paypal form
Speed Troll Available.
Cash only at the gate.
Make reservation checks payable to:
SCA Inc, Barony of Axemoor c/o Ludovico Occhiello;
2326 Leon C. Simon Dr., New Orleans, LA 70122.

Links to Event pages:
Gleann Abhann Kingdom Event Page
Facebook Event Page
Join us for a day of fun Christmas games, classes and activities. Please continue to check this page as we announce activity information and class schedules.


Baronial Rapier Tournament
Baronial Heavy Tournament
Baronial Poet Laureate
Baronial Arts & Sciences Display (Populous Vote)
Regional A&S Competition
Baronial Newbie Tournament- Sir Gawain’s Tourney
Baronial Yeoman Tournament
Baronial Bardic Championship
Baronial Live Weapons Tournament
Father Christmas Children’s Circle
Pillars of Gleann Abhann Voting
Christmas Feast
Fundraiser Lunch
A&S Classes

Site Map

Download the 2021 Christmas Revel Schedule HERE

2021 Christmas Revel Schedule

Start TimeActivityActivity DescriptionLocation
5:00:00 PMTroll OpensSite Opens for guests. Please make sure to park in the designated parking areas.The Troll Tent next to the Feast Hall
ALL EVENTDonations DriveTaking donations for this year’s charity. Please see event info for details on what to bring.Troll Tent
7:00:00 PMTravellers FareServed By Gudrun Bragisdottir, this will be in a to go container. Please socially distance for all eating activities.Feast Hall- To Go Only
8:00:00 PMPillars of AxemoorPillars of Axemoor Voting Opens. Please locate the ballot box inside of the Feast Hall and write in your vote for the male and female who most personify the values of the Barony.Feast Hall Ballot Box
10:00:00 PMLights Out
ALL DAYBaronial Bardic CompetitionHosted by THL Olivia, sign up at Troll or contact Olivia. Bards will perform at the Baron and Baroness’s leisure throughout the day. Winner and participants will be invited to perform for the populous at the evenings Bardic Circle after Feast.Firepit Circle Area
ALL DAYPoet LaureateThe participants will approach their excellencies, at their pleasure, to recite their piece. The winner will be announced at baronial court.N/A
7:00 AMGarb ExchangeHosted by Isabel Winterborne: Bring all your old garb that you no longer want (clean and in good repair, please!) and we will give you tickets with which you can buy someone else’s garb! Cloaks, accessories and jewelry, headwear and belts, fabric and trim, tapestries and decorative items, you name it, we can probably accept it. (No shoes, armor* or weapons, please!) Do you have some minor non-garb items, such as feast gear bits and pieces? We can take that too! You have nothing to bring? NO PROBLEM! We will be opening up the garb exchange to real currency in the afternoon. All proceeds go to benefit the Gleann Abhann Royal Travel Fund. Any garb left over at the end of the sale will benefit the Gold Key of an as yet unnamed group or groups. 7:00 am – 9:30 am – Bring in your garb for tickets 10:00 am – 1:30 pm – Garb exchange open for tickets 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm – Garb exchange open for all comers – make a reasonable offer! (We will still be accepting tickets, if you could not get back in time!)Feast Hall or Outside Tent, weather Permitting
8:00:00 AMBreakfastServed by Mistress Maymunah al Siqilliyah- this will be in a to go container. Please socially distance for all eating activities.Feast Hall- To Go Only
9:00:00 AMBaronial Arts & Sciences DisplayOpen to Drop Off Display ItemsFeast Hall, Labeled Area
9:00:00 AMRegional A&S CompetitionOpen to Drop Off EntriesFeast Hall, Labeled Area
9:00:00 AMBaronial Champion Heavy TournamentHosted by Lord Barax Greicho. Please see him to Sign up. Inspection at 9am, with Start time for 10am.Back Fighting Field
9:00:00 AMA&S Class- Silent HeraldryTaught by Gentile d’OrleansFeast Hall
10:00:00 AMBaronial Arts & Sciences DisplayVoting to Populous Open. Place bead on your site token into the bowl next to the display you are voting for.Feast Hall
10:00:00 AMRegional A&S CompetitionCompetition StartsFeast Hall
10:00:00 AMA&S Class- The Battle of Orsha: A look at a medieval battle through the eyes of an artistTaught by THL Shaul Ben Yisrael- BATTLE OF ORSHA- This is a class on the battle of the Kingdom pf Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the Duchy of Muscovy in 1514. It is a look at the arms & armor including mounted combat cannons and tactics, clothing including accessories worn, AND the horror and bloodshed on the battlefield – all through the eyes of the artist.
Class material included 70+ high resolution details from the painting of the Battle of Orsha
There will be no paper handouts. Bring a smart device. Link to Drive docs here.
Feast Hall
10:00:00 AMRapier Care WorkshopKnocking Off The Rust: a Rapier Care Workshop. Please join Cyprian in a basica rapier care workshop focusing on weapon maintenance.Rapier Field
10:30:00 AMKingdom and Baronial Live Weapons TournamentHosted by Skaia. Please see them or Head to the Live Weapons Field for Sign up. Competition is open from 10:30AM to 3:30PM, with a break for lunchLive Weapons and Archery Field
10:30:00 AMKingdom and Baronial Yeoman TournamentHosted by Skaia. Please see them or Head to the Live Weapons Field for Sign up. Competition is open from 10:30AM to 3:30PM, with a break for lunchLive Weapons and Archery Field
11:00:00 AMA&S Class- Needlework 050Taught by Brigid Nic Una- Needlework 050, All the stuff you didn’t know you wanted to know!Feast Hall
11:00:00 AMA&S Class- Mongol Del ConstructionTaught by THL Bronninn Inghean Aindriasa- This Class will teach you to draft a pattern for a typical 13th century Mongol Del. This style of Clothing is suitable for both men and women.The class is based on rew research with allows for a better fit. Attendees will leave with a detailed handout and pattern. Please bring measurments if you have them.Examples will be available.Feast Hall
12:00:00 PMFundraiser LunchHosted by TBD- This will be a sack lunchFeast Hall
1:00:00 PMNewbie Heavy TournamentHosted by Lord Barax Greicho. Please see him to Sign up.Back Fighting Field
1:00:00 PMBaronial Rapier TournamentHosted by HL Esteban de la Boca, with Mastory Mallory as Marshal. Please see either gentleman to register.Front Fighting Field
1:00:00 PMA&S Class- Missive ManagedMissive Managed: How To Write a Medieval Letter. 1 hour long, hosted by Lady Emma Grey.Feast Hall
2:00:00 PMA&S Class- New World Dance: Secotan AlgonquinTaught by Rosalind bint Mihrimah- a dance of the new world – creating the dance of the Secotan Algonquin tribe using an image from John White. first part of class will be a review of material; second half of class will recreating the dance steps.Area Behing Feast Hall
2:00:00 PMChildren’s Activity- Ornament DocoratingHosted by Lady Katana and Lady Gudrun Bragisdottir. Supplies will be providedFeast Hall
3:00:00 PMBaronial Arts & Sciences DisplayVoting to Populous ClosesFeast Hall
3:00:00 PMRegional A&S CompetitionCompetition Closed. Please pick up all items by this time.Feast Hall
3:00:00 PMFather ChristmasChildrens Court ActivityFirepit Area
Pillars of AxemoorPillars of Axemoor Voting Closes.
4:00:00 PMCourtBaronial and Kingdom Courts take place at this timeFirepit Area
7:00:00 PMChristmas Revel FeastWill Start after Court finishes and the hall is setup. Please leave the feast all following court to allow staff to finish setup quickly.Feast Hall
9:00:00 PMBardic CircleHosted by THL Olivia,participants and winner of this years Baronial competition will recite their entries for the populous, along with other singing and story-tellingFirepit Circle Area
10:00:00 AMLeave SiteAll guests must leave site by 10AM checkout to allow staff to clean site before close.
12:00:00 PMStaff Site Sign OffEvent Staff sign off on clean site and lock up.

The Story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


With the hall of King Arthur, as his knight’s and himself are sitting to enjoy Winter’s feast in Camelot. King Arthur’s court is exchanging gifts when the king asks to see or hear of an exciting adventure. Many of the older knights tell tales of great feat, as a giant green figure riding a green horse, enters unexpectedly into the hall. He wears no armor but holds an axe in one hand and a holly bough in the other. He refuses offers of duels for all gathered but proffers the invitation to a friendly Christmas game; One of those gathered is to strike him once with his axe, on the condition that the Green Knight may return the blow in a year and a day. His axe will then belong to whoever accepts this deal. King Arthur is prepared to accept the challenge when it appears no other knight will dare, but Sir Gawain, youngest of Arthur’s knights and his nephew, asks for the honor instead. The Green Knight bends and bares his neck before Gawain neatly beheads him in one stroke. Despite the beheading, the Green Knight does not fall dead but instead reaches out and picks up his severed head then mounts his horse. He reminds Gawain that the two must meet again at the Green Chapel in a year and a day, before the knight rides away.

As the date approaches, Sir Gawain journeys to find the Green Chapel and keep his part of the bargain. Many adventures and battles are alluded to but not described. That is, until Gawain comes across a splendid castle where he meets the lord of the castle, his beautiful wife. and old crone. Gawain tells them of his appointment at the Green Chapel and that he has only a few days remaining. The Lord explains there is a path that will take him to the chapel less than two miles away, and proposes that Gawain rest at the castle until then.

With Gawain agreeing to stay, the Lord suggests a bargain to Gawain: he goes hunting every day, and he will give Gawain whatever he catches, on the condition that Gawain give him whatever he may gain during the day; Gawain accepts. After he leaves, his wife visits Gawain’s bedroom and behaves seductively, but despite her best efforts he allows her nothing but a single kiss. When the lord returns and gives Gawain the deer he has killed, Gawain gives a kiss to him without divulging its source. The next day the lady returns to Gawain, who again courteously foils her advances, and later that day there is a similar exchange of a hunted boar for two kisses. She comes once more on the third morning, but once her advances are denied, she offers Gawain a gold ring as a keepsake. He gently refuses, but she pleads that he at least take her sash, a girdle of green and gold silk. The sash, the lady assures him, is charmed, and will keep him from all physical harm.

Tempted, as he may otherwise die the next day, Gawain accepts it, and they exchange three kisses. The lady has Gawain swear that he will keep the gift secret from her husband. That evening, the lord returns with a fox, which he exchanges with Gawain for the three kisses; Gawain does not mention the sash. The next day, Gawain binds the sash around his waist. Outside the Green Chapel he finds the Green Knight sharpening an axe. As promised, Gawain bends his bared neck to receive his blow. At the first swing, Gawain flinches before the blow and the Green Knight belittles him for it. Ashamed of himself, Gawain does not flinch with the second swing, but again, the Green Knight withholds the full force of his blow. The knight explains he was testing Gawain’s nerve. Angrily, Gawain tells him to deliver his blow, and so the knight does, causing only a slight wound on Gawain’s neck, and ending the game. Gawain seizes his sword, helmet, and shield, but the Green Knight, laughing, reveals himself to be none other than the lord of the castle, Bertilak de Hautdesert, transformed by magic. He explains that the entire adventure was a trick of the “elderly lady” Gawain saw at the castle, who is the sorceress Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s stepsister, who intended to test Arthur’s knights and frighten Guinevere to death. The nick Gawain suffered at the third stroke was because of his attempt to conceal the gift of the sash. Gawain is ashamed to have behaved deceitfully, but the Green Knight laughs and pronounces him the most blameless knight in all the land. The two part on cordial terms. Gawain returns to Camelot wearing the sash as a token of his failure to keep his promise. The Knights of the Round Table absolve him of blame and decide that henceforth each will wear a green sash recognition of Gawain’s adventure and as a reminder to be honest.